Friday, March 21, 2008

Online assessment of family caregiver stress

One quarter of adults are presently caring for an aging parent or relative, with close to half (45%) of this group providing care for their spouse. The person responsible for providing this care is called the family caregiver. In most cases, the family caregiver is a spouse, the eldest daughter or the grown child who lives the closest to the parent(s) or other family member needing care.

While family caregiving is often very rewarding and a bonding experience, it can also be stressful and cause tension within families. According to a new survey by Home Instead Senior Care, 31% of family caregivers admit they'd like more help, and 25% resent other family members who don't help out more.

That's why Home Instead Senior Care created a new website with information for family caregivers, and a free caregiver stress test. See for yourself. Visit

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Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Unions' win streak in Legislature is broken

An article in the March 10th edition of the Seattle Times noted that the Service Employees International Union had "hit a wall - or at least a speed bump" in the Oregon legislature. Democratic leaders in the Senate pulled the plug on a bill that would have extended collective bargaining rights to 12,000 day care center workers.

In the past six year, unions, let by the SEIU, have added 65,000 members by pushing collective bargaining legislation. Under these new laws, the SEIU has organized more than 40,000 state paid home care and child care workers.

Home care has captured the attention of the SEIU and other unions. We can expect to see more organizing attempts for our industry's workers. What do you see happening out there? Are there any attempts in your state or community to bring home care workers into unions?

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